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Gmail Migration Support for Schools

In 2015 the decision was made by CECV and the ICON to move all schools off SINA email.  In most cases this means schools will adopt Gmail as their email platform.  This move is a win to our schools as it offers a far superior email platform on a range of devices than SINA.

The migration process is a shared responsibility from CEOB technical support and your school.  This page offers schools resources to ensure they can access and manage their part in the process.

Managing the Google Apps for Education Admin Console at your school.

It is important that at least one member in your school has the capacity to access your Google Admin Console to manage all aspects of Gmail and Google Apps for Education.  This allows you to add and manage users, groups, reset passwords and have control over how Google Apps for Education runs at your school.

CEOB have created a series of videos tailored for our schools that will explain this process.  They are easy to follow and do not require a high level of technical understanding.  This page can be found here

To access your schools admin console you will need to visit admin.google.com and log in with your school's Google Apps admin account.  This would have been created by the person who set it up for your school.  If you do not know this account name or username you can call David or Haiden on 5337 7110 for assistance with this.

Ensure your devices are up to date and Gmail ready.

Ensure all of your devices are up to date for the best experience of using Google Apps for Education.  Ensuring your computer is up to date and running at full capacity will both improve the reliability and performance of your computer for all applications.

If you run a windows device simply go to your start menu and type update.  From here you will need to select Windows Update and let your PC determine what needs to be downloaded and installed.  This may take some time depending on how much needs to be updated.

If you are using a Macbook you will need to click on the small Apple Icon on the top right of your desktop and select About this Mac.  From here you will need to select Software Update.

Google Chrome Browser

Whilst Google Apps and Gmail will work on any browser it is best experienced on Google's own browser called Chrome.  Chrome is a free browser that works on numerous devices offering greater reliability, speed and functionality over other browsers such as Safari and Internet Explorer.

It is recommended all your staff and student computers have Google Chrome installed although it is not essential.

Google Chrome can be downloaded at chrome.google.com 

Migrating your Contacts from SINA to Gmail

It is the responsibility of individual users to migrate their contacts from SINA to Gmail as it can not be done externally.  It is a simple process which can be done by following these steps.

  1. In SINA mail, open your Address Book
  2. Scroll to bottom of screen and click Export to CSV File
  3. The file will be downloaded to your downloads directory
  4. Click to open the file (it should open with excel, if not open excel and open the file from located in your downloads directory)
  5. Select the first 2 columns and delete them
  6. Insert 1 row at the top of the spreadsheet and enter the following headings
  7. Save the file
  8. Open Gmail, from the top left, click on Mail, then choose contacts
  9. Click the More button and choose Import
  10. Click Choose File and select the file we saved earlier
  11. Click Import

Accessing Gmail Account once migration has occurred

Gmail is accessible on any mobile device or computer. For first time users I would simply direct you to gmail.com and use your school email address and password for access. If you are using a mobile device head to the app store and search for Gmail for the dedicated app for your device.

I recommend printing out a hard copy of the document below and placing it in staff pigeon holes prior to the migration date so they have a hard copy of instructions explaining what has happened, why and how to access their new email on any device or software such as Outlook.