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Google Apps Admin Console Support

It is the responsibility of each school to manage their own Google Apps for Education console until a centralised instance is offered as part of ICON in 2016.  This is especially important for schools to be aware of as it controls email, calendars and cloud storage for staff and students.

For this to happen each school will need to designate an administrator who has can access the Google Admin console at admin.google.comThey will need to know your schools administrator password also.

If you do not know this account please contact David or Haiden on 5337 7110 for assistance.

The video tutorials below are the key concepts every school administrator need to know.  There is a great deal more functionality in the console but it is not essential knowledge.

Getting Started:  This video offers an overview of navigating the admin console

YouTube Video

Accessing your school's Google admin console
In this video we log into the Google Admin console.

Accessing the Google Apps console

Managing users who will access Google Apps for Education.
In this video I explain how to add users individually and in bulk lots and where they fit within organizations.

Managing Users

Resetting a users password
In this video we explain the task of resetting a password using both the Google Admin Console and through a must have mobile app for Android and iPhone.

Reset a users password

Understanding Organizations and Managing Groups
In this video we explain the difference between organizations and groups, and how to create and manage them.

Organizations and Groups in GAFE

Enabling and Disabling Apps
In this video we explore how to change settings of specific apps and also how to turn off apps for different organizations in your school such as disabling YouTube for students.

Managing your Apps in GAFE